Immersive Internship Program in London

Ready to combine global travel with career-boosting experiences? Our internships do exactly that.

And where better for a UK work placement than London’s booming business scene? From start-ups to multinationals, this city teems with opportunities in finance & consulting, theatre, entrepreneurship, law, and more.

As it covers over 600 square miles, most people commute to work in London by tube (subway), train, bus and bicycle. Or if you’re lucky, river bus!

The UK occasionally has a four-seasons-in-a-day vibe, but each season brings its own sunny or snowy delights. Living-wise, there’s something for every budget, plus endless cultural treats to savor beyond work.


Languages are spoken in London


Years ago London was founded by the Romans


Museums in London

What’s Included


Career Development

A guaranteed professional internship in your preferred industry

You will get a guaranteed internship in the industry of your choice. We’ll carefully design your Immersive Internship Program so it has the perfect ingredients for your career success. From picking the right role for you within our extensive network of partner firms, to ironing out the details with your internship company.

Immersive workshop

Our workshop includes exercises and activities that will help you thrive in your internship as well as your future career. A typical workshop may include sessions on communication, leadership, personal branding, building confidence etc.

Career coaching and support

Your 1-to-1 career coaching session with our qualified coach will help you understand your strengths and gain clarity on your career plans. Scheduled at your convenience, this will be a fantastic opportunity to review existing aspirations or start future plans afresh.

You will also have access to personal career and interview advice throughout the duration of your program.

Curated calendar of professional networking events

Our local team is constantly on the lookout for professional networking events across the city. Make sure you keep an eye out for our invites – these events will be great opportunities to meet inspiring people and make valuable contacts.

Curated online courses and tools

A range of curated online courses and resources to help your professional and personal development.

Please check out the Career Development section below to find out more.

CV support

A stand-out CV will boost your chances of getting a job you love. We’ll make sure yours is finished to the highest standards and is ready to send out.

Beyond Academy Certificate of Excellence

Once you’ve successfully completed the program, your alumnus status will be confirmed with a Beyond Academy Certificate of Excellence.

Community & Events

Thriving local community

Excited but nervous about your upcoming adventure? No worries – you will join a local community of existing and new interns, who’ve all been in your shoes. Of course, our incredible local Community Team is always there to make sure you have a great time.

Comprehensive 24/7 local support

Our local team will be on hand to make sure you have the best experience possible, and support you in any challenges that you may face during your program.


Take your first day settling in (and get over jetlag for those coming from afar!). You will be invited to a comprehensive orientation on your second day in the country, where we will tell you everything you need to know about the city and what to expect from the program in the coming weeks and months.

Welcome dinner

After the orientation, our welcome dinner will be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your fellow interns better. Many of our previous interns have made friends for life during their internship programs!

Bi-Weekly community dinner

There will be a community dinner every few weeks to keep you in touch with everyone.

Every few weeks we will get everyone together for a fun evening of catchups and good local food.

Local events and day trips

During the program we’ll run three events, from spectacular cultural sites to amazing cooking classes and food tours. Please check out the Community section below to find out more.

A bustling social calendar of exciting events

We run an active program of events; so when you are free join us and let your inner explorer go wild.

Farewell dinner to celebrate program completion

As your course nears its end, celebrate your achievements with our end of program dinner.

Some extras

Visa support

We get it, applying for a visa can be complicated. But don’t worry, if you need a visa, our team will be on hand to support you throughout the process. Head to our Visa Eligibility page to find out if you need a visa.

Airport transport on arrival

We’ll pick you up when you arrive, and take you to your accommodation.

Beyond welcome bag

A bag of exciting hand-picked goodies.

SIM card (on request)

If you need a country-specific SIM card for your phone, we’ll have it ready for you on arrival.

Career Development

Our carefully designed career development program will equip and empower you, so you can flourish during your internship and beyond.

An intern at her host company International interns at a business workshop Career coaching for an intern Overseas intern taking online courses
An intern at her host company International interns at a business workshop Career coaching for an intern Overseas intern taking online courses

A professional internship

We offer a guaranteed internship in the industry of your choice, with start dates every month, and durations from one to six months.

An internship gives you sound insight into local business practice wherever you are. Plus real-world skills you can use everywhere.

Gaining an intern’s-eye view of global work culture makes you more resourceful, flexible – and employable. So work experience in London won’t only teach you about industry differences in your field.

The Brits’ polite reserve is legendary. It’s true they never (ever) jump queues. But you’ll soon discover the dry UK sense of humor makes for open, collaborative colleagues.

Even better, interning in multicultural London connects you with people of all nationalities. And the buzzy UK pub culture offers a fun, easy way to adapt and build your network.

Immersive workshop

Our workshop is meticulously designed to help you get the most out of your program experience.

Run by inspiring speakers and coaches, our workshop program teems with exciting and useful exercises and sessions that help you hone your skills.

Get ready to come out of the workshop empowered and inspired – both professionally and personally.

Build up your core communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Work on your personal brand and learn how to build confidence. Discover and harness passions for lasting career success.

Career coaching & support

Our qualified coach will take you through a1-to-1 coaching session. Tailored around you, your coach will walk through the plans, goals, and aspirations for your career. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore who you want to be, both professionally and personally.

You can schedule it around your diary, which is bound to be pretty full, so you can talk about what is most important to you. Do it at the beginning of the program to focus on making the most of the internship. A mid-term session is great if you want to talk about how you’re finding things.Take it towards the end if some self-reflection and forward-planning is in order.

Don’t forget you can get personal career advice and interview tips from our team at any time during the program.

We can also help you perfect your CV and LinkedIn profile, or prepare a professional portfolio.

Online tools and courses

We’ve curated a selection of the very best online tools and resources that will support you in making the most out of your internship experience, and boost your career in general.

A personal development plan toolkit. Online seminars on how to succeed at interviews. Sessions on making an impact, building your personal brand, or developing professional IQ. These are just some of the examples of interesting and useful resources you will have access to.

Community & Events

We want you to feel at home when interning with us. Our Community Teams will help you do just that. They’ll assist you in getting settled in and provide pointers in the right direction, should it be needed.

London intern Community Interns at their London Welcome DInner Interns at a networking event London Interns take a day trip to Cambridge Interns in London enjoy a Theatre Night Interns on an East London Street Tour
London intern Community Interns at their London Welcome DInner Interns at a networking event London Interns take a day trip to Cambridge Interns in London enjoy a Theatre Night Interns on an East London Street Tour

Your London Community

London remains one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Its multicultural take on everything from markets to restaurants means you’ll never be far from your next adventure.

You’ll quickly find your feet in London and it’ll seem like home in no time. The community team and other interns will soon be like a second family. There is lots to explore and do in London, so if you want to ask any questions, fire away. Places to visit or the best ways to get about? Our team will be there 24/7 for anything you need.

Welcome Orientation

A full introduction to the program, the city and other interns. The perfect chance to get ready for the transformative few months ahead. There’ll be more dinner invites every few weeks, so keep an eye out.

Networking Opportunities

We’ll invite you to events and networking opportunities in London. Build up your international contacts and have fun while doing it.

Cambridge Trip

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and the grounds are a sight to behold. Famous for its riverboats (‘punts’), operated by a long stick from the back, don’t be the unlucky one who takes a swim by mistake!

Theatre Night

From ‘Cats” to ‘Les Misérable’, nearly every famous show has graced the London theatre district at some point. Put on your best suit and join us for a night of pure spectacle.

Food Tour

Food from every corner of the world can be found in London’s East End. You’ll get a chance to sample it all as you tour the area by foot.

Your London program
at a glance

See what awaits you – here’s a snapshot of what it’s like to intern in London based on a typical 6-week program.

A Beyond Academy intern on her first day in London

Weeks 1 & 2

Be it Heathrow, Gatwick or Victoria station, there is no mistaking you’ve reached London. The wait is over!

Get settled into your accommodation and survey your new surroundings. You’ll soon be joining us for the orientation and welcome dinner. Get to meet the other interns and get busy making new friends from all over the world.

As your internship starts, your days will be full of amazing new experiences. Meeting your new team and exploring the office are a few of the highlights. The community team will be hosting an after-work dinner to help you kick back and relax after the first few days.

Your business workshop will help you focus on all the new skills and ideas you’re picking up in this early period. There will be plenty of valuable tools and insights to help you make your mark at work.

Your first event, a day trip to the picturesque Cambridge is coming up. Take in the incredible university and try your hand at ‘punting’ down the river Cam. After lunch relax on one of the riverside meadows and watch the world go by.

Internship host companies in London

Weeks 3 & 4

You’ll get some great feedback on how you’re doing at work when you have a coffee with your manager.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for some of the world-class networking events that take place in London, so keep your eye out for invites.

Your time in London wouldn’t be complete without taking in a show in the famous West End. Join us for an evening of spectacular theatre.

View over London and the Thames

Weeks 5 & 6

As you’ll be well into your internship now, it’s time to begin planning ahead.

The 1-to-1 career coaching session is your chance to talk about the ambitions you have and how to turn your dreams into reality. The professional coach will be able to offer actionable advice on goals and career aims, priming you for success.

Remember to spare a weekend for our East London food tour. Stroll through bustling Spitalfields Market and vibrant Brick Lane. Soak in East End’s history, culture and immigration story through the medium of food.

It’s nearly time to go, but you’ll be in for a fantastic send-off. Our farewell dinner lets you say a proper goodbye to the brilliant people you’ve met and the friends you’ve made. As you wish your friends good luck, maybe you’ve got time for one last curry down on Brick Lane.

Program Costs

Our guarantee: In the highly unlikely event that we’re unable to find you a role within your chosen industries, you will receive a full refund of any program payments made.

Already in the UK? UK nationals as well as international students with a valid UK visa will be eligible for a £400 discount. If you think you may be eligible, let us know during your admissions interview and we can discuss with you during the call.

Weeks Program Price Add-on Accommodation Total With Accommodation
! Please note that flights, food and Visa costs (if applicable) are not included. Visit our visa eligibility page   to find out if you need a visa.

Start Dates & Apply

Step 1

Choose Your

Step 2

Length of Program

8 weeks

Include Accommodation

Additional Cost

Payment Options

Pay in Installments

Start dates in  2020 2020 2021 2022 2023

Your Program Options



10% 90% 10% 90% 10% 30% 60% 10% 30% 30% 30%

Pay in full discount
In order to qualify for the discount, you’ll need to make your payment in full within 7 days of your program offer.
Less than 7 weeks from start date

Deposit: 10% of the total program fee, payable within 7 days of being accepted to the program.

Payment 1: 90% of the total program fee, payable at least 4 weeks before your start date.

7 – 10 weeks from start date

Deposit: 10% of the total program fee, payable within 7 days of your program offer.

Payment 1: 90% of the total program fee, payable within 4 weeks of your program offer.

11 – 14 weeks from start date

Deposit: 10% of the total program fee, payable within 7 days of your program offer.

Payment 1: 30% of the total program fee, payable within 4 weeks of your program offer.

Payment 2: 60% of the total program fee, payable within 8 weeks of your program offer.

15+ weeks from start date

Deposit: 10% of the total program fee, payable within 7 days of your program offer.

Payment 1: 30% of the total program fee, payable within 4 weeks of your program offer.

Payment 2: 30% of the total program fee, payable within 8 weeks of your program offer.

Payment 3: 30% of the total program fee, payable within 12 weeks of your program offer.

Living in London as a Student and Young Professional 

“The City seems so much more in earnest: its business, its rush, its roar are such serious things, sights and sounds. The City is getting its living – the West-End but enjoying its pleasure.”
– Charlotte Bronte, Vilette, 1853